aw|ful1 [ `ɔfl ] adjective **
used for emphasizing how unpleasant someone or something is: TERRIBLE:
The smell was absolutely awful.
This wine tastes awful.
He had the awful feeling that everyone was laughing at him.
There were these awful people sitting behind us who talked all through the movie.
a. very bad at doing something:
I'm awful at remembering names.
He's an awful actor.
b. very cruel or unkind:
That's an awful thing to say.
They committed the most awful atrocities.
c. very serious or severe:
I was worried that something awful had happened to him.
d. complete: used for emphasizing a particular quality:
I made an awful fool of myself last night, didn't I?
It's an awful shame to waste all this good food.
an awful lot SPOKEN
a very large amount:
There were an awful lot of people just standing around.
feel awful
1. ) to feel guilty or sad:
I feel awful about not inviting her.
2. ) to feel sick or unhappy:
She said she had a sore throat and was feeling awful.
look awful
1. ) to look sick, sad, or worried:
What's wrong? You look awful.
2. ) to look ugly or not attractive:
I don't like these curtains. They look awful.
╾ aw|ful|ness noun uncount
aw|ful 2 [ `ɔfl ] adverb SPOKEN
used for emphasizing what you are saying:
Three weeks is an awful long time to wait.
She's awful cute.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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